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More than 120 styles for your choice

Common Questions

  • How exactly does this happen?

    We currently have three types of subscriptions, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 month plans. You can choose from more than 120 different styles of underwear to be sent each month. We also offer free shipping for whichever plan you choose.

  • Why are you doing this?

    The best gift choice for HIM! Our custom men's underwear not only solves your gift-giving worries but also shows your funny and humorous side. Every month you can give your partner a surprise with free shipping! Our men's face underwear is of premium quality and definitely not cheap. A subscription is easier for us to predict, so it helps with manufacturing consistency. You save money, and we get an easier way to manage business.

  • Am I locked in?

    For orders that are not shipped, please contact our customer service team if you need to change your underwear size or shipping address. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of the process, then the refund amount is calculated as follows: The amount paid minus the regular price of the underwear already shipped and the shipping cost, then we refund the price difference. For example: A customer purchased a 12 month plan, paid $229 and received a total of 4 pairs of underwear. The 8 pairs that were not shipped are no longer wanted for some reason. These 4 pairs of underwear would sell for $120 and shipping would be $30 in a non-subscription situation and we would only refund $229-$120-$30 = $79. Please contact our customer service team for details.


If you purchase the 12-month plan subscription and you and your partner are still together after 12 months, please contact our customer service team and as an Anniversary gift, we will give you a pair of custom couple underwear as your next year's Valentine's Day gift!


  • Exactly what I wanted. The material and was great! They fit amazing! Thank you so much. My husband cracked up laughing!

  • I purchased the customizable boxers and they turned out amazing. The material used is incredibly soft and much higher quality than I expected it to be!

  • Got a great laugh with this one. The images were high quality and the fabric was surprisingly soft. Runs true to size.

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  • Quality much better than I expected actually & the pictures turned out great. Such a funny little gift. They arrived quicker than anticipated too, which was great.

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  • The quality was amazing and my boyfriend said they were so comfy. the fabric is really soft and good quality as well as the pictures, not blurry at all! Well worth the price and would buy again.

  • My partner absolutely loved the boxers ! Great quality . And seller answered all questions that I had . Would definitely purchase again. Thank you.

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